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Welcome to the "Original" Trucker Dating Site! The 1st and so far still the best. Most of my copycat competitors are fakes, they are not real "trucker Dating" sites. Only a few of them are real; and only two of them are giving me a run for the money, but they are still lagging behind.

At that; sorry for the inconvenience in June 2016, the site was down for almost a month. Unfortunately the server and tech support for that server (the one I had this site with), SUCKED. So I have moved the site to a new server. It took me a month to figure out how to fix the site, without any help from my so-called tech support & I had to temporarily downsize the site and had to delete and restrict all the photos because the previous server could not handle it. Now that I have moved the site, I will slowly be upgrading the site again.

Through the madness, I found a new potential partnership with a company in Russia that has been more helpful then the support I already had and pay for. All paid members have already been compensated and hopefully we will have a more smooth operation in the future. Thank you for your patience while we work towards making the best site for you!
(Forgive me, we still have 2 glitches to work out as of Oct. 11, 2016 - We had a few dozen, so we are making progress). We got hacked in Oct. 17th, and the site was down for almost a week; but we fixed it. We almost lost all profile data, but it appears we did not. Please go check and update your profiles anyway, just to be sure. Thanx!

Feel free to participate in our community! It is virtually free; we charge a small fee to keep scammers and spammers out and of course to help us support the site and pay for advertising, but you can earn activity points to use the site for free. When you run out of activity points, you can buy more points or buy a subscription. You can also earn points through activity and through our affiliate program, where we reward you for helping us to recruit members: www.TruckerDate.com/affiliate or www.TruckerDate.biz

Unlike some sites; we don’t only charge men and let women in free, we are an equal opportunity website. However, we do keep the site affordable; it is virtually free for everybody. Unlike some of our copycat competitors; we do not sell your identity, nor do we force you to subscribe to spam lists. We also do not cater to any religious or non-religious organizations, we cater to truckers. This site is designed to be professional, but flexible as well. We do allow some adult content, just no nude pix and/or videos. Please "REPORT" any nudity, hateful and/or vulgar behavior, scammers/spammers, any illegal or unlawful activities and/or anything else that is in violation of the TOC/TOS.

As some of you know, we absorbed a few of our copycat competitors and adopted members from another date line (and it looks as though we are about to have another by 2017); anyone can join and/or delete their profiles at any time. If anyone has any issues, suggestions or whatnot; you can contact us via our support links at the bottom of the page and/or the report tabs throughout the site.

Your input is welcomed, we want to make this site as best as possible for you the user, keep it affordable and at the same time afford to stay operational, above board and efficient. Please come and update your profile and pix. Any account with an inactive email address will end up being removed, so make sure that is up to date as well. No worries, we don't spam our members!

Thank you so much; KCLA International - KCLA MAnagement, LLC