I have been thinking I should make a mobile "APP" for TruckerDate for some time now.
I recently contacted a couple/few people to build it for me, and they want $25,000 - $50,000 on the low end.
And now I cannot get them to stop harassing me for money, so I decided to try and build it myself. Unfortunately, I suck and don't know how to do it without paying additional money for support and I cannot afford support. So I gave up for now.

Meanwhile there are other mobile app you might like that can be found at:
& ours for some reason never showed up live in Google play. So I just redirected Mobile TruckerDate for the time being. I'm sure you will enjoy. The Trucker(s)Date site will still work on your mobile device, so it is still good as well.

You can still find the official site at:

TruckerDate.com is now the index page.
When I get the mobile app working, the way I want; then that may be the new official site... again.

Thank you so much for your support! CainO'

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